Are you working on DNA-damage and repair?  Would you be interested in a pre-validated cell-context system to analyze HR or NHEJ by single cell imaging or quantifying DNA repair by simple fluorescence?

TopoGEN, Inc. has developed a suite of cell lines that will allow you to study specific DNA repair pathways in living cells. Our systems report specific Homologous Recombination (HR) well as Non-Homologous End Joining (NHEJ) pathways.  These engineered cell lines are truly novel, giving unprecedented insight into HR and NHEJ at a single cell level of resolution.  DNA repair is activated using an inducible DNA damage event directed specifically at a neutral reporter gene.  Moreover, since only repaired cells become fluorescent, the investigator can follow each individual cell (and all descendants) by live imaging.

We offer certified cell lines hosting both HR and NHEJ in human and mouse species.  There are neuron specific and fibroblast hosting lines with other cell lineages under development (cardiac, kidney, NCI-60 lines, IPSCs).
You can also provide us with your unique cell line to ‘host’ these repair systems (see our “Custom Services” program where we install an HR or NHEJ reporter in your specific cell line). Please contact us for a quote.