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Ventures & Alliances

TopoGEN has established Joint collaborative ventures with other biotechnology companies. These relationships create excellent synergy and promote new product ideas and business activity. TopoGEN uses a funding model to advance the goals of the joint venture. Specifically, the company sponsors research based on validated and published science from other University faculty, other companies or collaborative partners.

Nanoly Biosciences

We are working with another start up located at Anschutz in Denver, CO on using their patented NanoShield technology to solve cold chain problems in the Biotech industry (labile vaccine storage and delivery, drug, biological storage issues).  This work has been NIH funded and is ongoing.

Karnali, Ltd.

We have patented, in collaboration with Karnali,  a copper-based anti-infective outer shoe sole for use in clinical medicine, food industry and the military and first responders.  We have demonstrated that the product will mitigate spread of pathogens, including pandemic related viruses and can offer protection (in an ongoing basis) against disease spread.

Tosk Pharmaceuticals

We are working with Tosk to craft strategies to minimize collateral damage in patients treated with topoisomerase drugs.  Several drug candidates have been discovered that chemo-protect sensitive tissues from inadvertent targeting by Topoisomerase drugs, which are highly effective in treating a number of cancers.  This project is the subject of a new SBIR grant.

CBx Genomics

We an ongoing collaboration with a company developing novel cannabinoid compounds for use in cancer therapy.