Human Topoisomerase I

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High purity, catalytically active Top1 Enzyme overexpressed in the baculovirus system and purified to single band homogeneity.  These preparations are cheaper than native topo I made from human tissue and offer excellent purity and high specific activity.  In addition, the 100 kDa form of  recombinant topo I is stable and is less prone to proteolysis, relative to the native protein from human cells.

Included Materials:
10X assay buffer and dilution buffer is included.  These may be purchased separately as TGS 10X Topo I Assay Buffer (TG4095).

The enzyme is shipped on dry ice and should be stored at -20°C. It has a life-time of about 6 months when stored under optimal conditions. Repeat freeze/thaw cycles will accelerate loss.

  • Reviews and Citations:
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