Amsacrine (m-AMSA)


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TopoGEN provides this reagent as a control poison/inhibitor of topoisomerase II.  For in vitro cleavage detection, we recommend that the drug be tested over a wide range of uM concentrations; however, cleavages are strongly influenced by the amount of topoisomerase in the reaction as well as the type of assay being employed (SDSK+ vs. Radioactive End Labeled DNA vs. testing for plasmid cleavages).  Note that large amounts of enzyme will be required to detect cleavage complex, compared to assays that measure catalytic activity.

Chemical Name:  4-(9-Acridinylamino)-N-(methanesulfonyl)-m-anisidine hydrochloride

Molecular Formula: C27H29NO10.HCl

Molecular Weight: 429.92

Vial Contents:
TG4150 is supplied already suspended in DMSO at 10 mM (0.25 ml) and is ready for use.  The drug is pre-tested and shown to induce topo cleavages using purified human topoisomerase from TopoGEN.

The liquid product is shipped on blue ice. Store at -20°C.

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