Topoisomerase II Immunoprecipitation Kit


The immunoprecpitation (IP) kit contains the key reagents and protocol for immunoprecipitating Human Top2a.  The method should work well with other cells besides humans.  For example, mouse, rat and monkey cells will cross react with topoisomerase II antibody.  The antibody is specific for p170 (topo II alpha) in human (HeLa) cells and although we presume it will behave similarly in other species with cross reactive topo II isozymes, this should be carefully evaluated.

Anti-topo II (p170) Antibody. This is a rabbit antibody (polyclonal) directed against the C-Terminal region of p170. A peptide was used to raise this antiserum; the antibody has been immunoaffinity purified. The antibody is specific for topo II alpha (p170) form. Kit contains 100 ul of antibody.
Human topo II p170 Marker. The marker is ready to load in 1X SDS PAGE Loading buffer. Loading 8-10 ul of this marker will give a readily detectable band on commassie blue staining. Kit contains 100 ul of marker.
Detailed Protocol for immunoprecipitation
Detailed Protocol for preparation of nuclear extracts

Store this kit at -20° C.

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