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TopoGEN scientists are the experts in efficiently screening compounds that impact topoisomerases and DNA gyrases. We can perform assays in vitro (using our purified enzymes and substrates) or in vivo (assay cells for Topo I or Topo II poisons in our cell culture or assay your extracts) in order to identify new anti-cancer drugs, anti-infective agents, or to determine mechanism of action of your compounds. We can also measure topoisomerase levels or DNA-protein complexes from your cellular extracts. If you don’t see what exactly what you are looking for, just send us a note and our scientists will talk you about how we can help and then prepare a quote for you. In most cases we can perform a study faster and at lower cost than your in-house work because we already have all the reagents and controls and are fully set up to run your assays.


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When you become our customer, we become your partner in research. We review your data and offer valuable input. Feel free to contact us for further information about how we can assist your topoisomerase research endeavors.