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Joining the TopoGEN team

Here at TopoGEN we foster a ongoing learning environment to train students (from high school to university level) who wish to learn hands-on the technical and intellectual aspects of biotech.  We welcome applications from highly motivated students interested in a future career with the Company or help with making career decisions in our field.  In addition to hands-on training, interns and trainees will learn the science behind their project.  Contact us if you are interested in either working as an intern for the summer or academic year or in a more lengthy relationship of employment.  You won’t be disappointed!!

For those seeking a long term employment track with TopoGEN, we encourage you to apply.  We pride ourselves on our ability to teach and train incoming technical staff (the Company was founded by former academics (university faculty, specifically) and we are seasoned educators). Life in the company is characterized by ongoing learning (seminars, paper presentations) and laboratory  work.  We offer high flexible hours and make efforts to create independent researchers and critical thinking about science.  Let us know if you have an interest in a career path with TopoGEN.   

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