Exciting News from TopoGEN, Inc. 🚀

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking screening tool, the **IQ Screen** This novel and affordable tool is designed specifically for researchers seeking a rapid go/no-go decision on which compounds to advance as anti-topoisomerase agents.  IQ stands for “Insight Quick” and is ideal for labs that want a quick and mechanism based decision flow on which drugs are most promising and which should be low priority.

🔬 Why Choose IQ Screen for my drug development needs?

– Speed: Get quick results to accelerate R&D output.

– Cost-Effective: Affordable solutions for every research budget.

– Tractable: Easy-to-use and integrate into your existing workflows.

– Mechanism-Based.  We can parse the inhibitors from the poisons…. two foundational mechanisms of action.

– Applicable to human Topoisomerases I and 2 (both a & b isoforms) and bacterial enzymes.

– All inclusive.  No hidden or extra fees.

– Certified.  We guarantee cosmetic, publication quality data that is your own IP

– NDA built in. Your company will own our work product exclusively.  We do this to accelerate the paperwork and get you the data right away.

Our innovative IQ Screen not only saves you time and resources but also ensures efficient optimization from hit to lead. Our dedicated scientists are here to assist you every step of the way, providing rapid turnaround times and revealing mechanisms of action for your unknown anti-cancer therapeutics.  You will work with a Ph.D. project director who will oversee and consult on your project.  A comprehensive report of all data will be included with suggestions on decision making along future directions, from our scientists who have many years of topo research and peer reviewed publications.

Partner with TopoGEN, Inc. and let us help you drive your research forward with confidence and efficiency!  Contact us for a quote; you will not be disappointed!  

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